Veteran reunited with bomb-sniffing dog

Veteran Reunited With Bomb-Sniffing Dog

This video features a veteran reuniting with his war dog. Sgt. Jason Bos reunited with his military service dog at the pet cargo facility at O’Hare International Airport. People around and media personnel couldn’t help but break out into applause at the emotional reunion.

cop abuses police dog unit

cop abuses police dog unit

cop abuses k9 unit A video on YouTube goes viral of Hammond, Indiana police where officer was abusing his own department dog. The action of the police officer was caught on the camera inside the second floor of a building. The officer was lifting the dog up to his collar and then whips the dog […]

Animal Abuse Case Win

Animal Abuse Case Win

Animal Abuse charged person with $500,000 and 55 years in jail The story with best ever result, a man who found guilty of animal abuse is charge with proceedings. The convicted person has to pay $500,000 and has to spend 55 years in jail. There has been eleven animal abuse case proven against him and […]

Rickey A Heroic Man Rescues Dog from Highway

Rickey A Heroic Man Rescues Dog from Highway

The story of the great passions started when  a young man called Ricky listens to fresh local radio station while broadcast the news of the injury of a dog on the road,  through HOV lane on a Houston highway. And what he heard he hastened to go to happen, the way to help. He squatted […]


Husky want Playing

Husky want Playing Here is the dog feels tight alhoski and sects that he wants to play with a buddy that looks under the sofa for a companion one wants to joke to see his eyes full of sadness and boredom he wants to play and he plays with his feet and under This sofa […]


New iTunes with Husky Voice

 New iTunes with Husky Voice Music and wonderful tunes Hai is Al Husky sings to sing the most beautiful melody music musician do consecutive tones they hear the tune and recorded their voices with this ipad is amazing and her tone has been distributed to spread throughout the world in sound and melody Very Nice […]


Fun Husky Playing

  Here in this paper mountain of trees hiding a dog AL husky to exercise the game with all the love and the madness that hiding among this pile of leafy trees, where he wants to play at length for outdoor sport see that highlights his particular seen the shining I joke with him waiting […]


Meet Laika with her brothers

 Meet Laika with her brothers       alhoski dogs are ready to receive their small Mickey has two door bell eagerly Leroux Millie small see them how herau Herau towards the door, and here comes Mickey small small Fund to keep them at home, sharing life with them everything they could smell their sister […]

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Dog steals toy from baby

Dog steals toy from baby Every day may be a new lesson once you’re young and this baby has just detected what it’s prefer to have one thing you’ve been effort for snatched away at the ultimate moment.

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Dog crosses Busy Street In Russia using a crosswalk

Dog crosses street Dog is aware of the way to use the crosswalk on a busy street in Russia. This clever dog crosses the street safer than most humans do! Captured in the Russian town of Pyatigorsk.